How Can I Help You!

I read an interesting article today from RISMedia entitled DON’T SELL ME….HELP ME! and my first thought was “hmmm, they must have visited my office” as the message they imparted is the basic philosophy we practice here at Xena Vallone Realty.

First the facts they quoted:

  • It used to take 30 days to get a transaction closed, it now takes 120 or more;
  • It used to take 20 contacts to get someone to listen to you, it now takes 100 or more; and
  • If someone was inclined to do business with you before, they are now inclined to make sure they are getting the best deal regardless of their relationship with.

Now for their advice and my way of doing business:

  • Don’t sell, help
  • Don’t close, advise
  • Don’t push, encourage
  • Become completely indispensable

So, how can I help, advise and encourage YOU today?

Reneé Marquiss, REALTOR®
Xena Vallone Realty, Inc.

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