Fall in Sarasota, Florida

So I have seen posts on facebook about how my friends and family “up north” are looking forward to the cooler weather, pumpkins, apple cider, hay rides, etc. – all this while I’m sitting on my lanai under a fan with temps in the low 90’s.  How Floridians know that fall is in the air is our humidity goes waaaaaaay down – which we have experienced for a few days now.  The past couple of mornings I haven’t even needed the fan on the lanai!  How cool is that 🙂

As a Realtor® I get a lot of emails from many different sources and lately those emails have been filled with “preparing your home for fall” and I was curious to see what the difference was in preparing for fall in Florida – so here goes:

1.  Prepare the lawn for falling temperatures:
Seed and Fertilize – check
Mulch – check
Plant spring bulbs – check
Bring container plants in – not so much

2.  Patio furniture:
Clean – always a good thing year round
Cover and store – not so much (well unless there is a hurricane near by!) Floridians can now sit outside at night and not get heatstroke!

3.  In the garage:
Store beach and camping gear in the back of the garage to make room for leaf blowers and snow blowers – store beach gear???  That’s sacreligious!

4.  In the entryway:
Carve out a space near the entryway for those coats – coat? what’s that 🙂 Floridians dig out their hoodies because if the temp goes below 70 degrees we’re cold!

So, how do YOU prepare for fall? 

Siesta Beach


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