Fundraising for a great cause!

Yesterday was one of those “this is the best day” days.  A benefit was held for a trop rock musician friend Troy Allan who is on a “Cancer Free 100 House Concert Tour.”  Troy was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer called Linitis Plastica and he’s out spreading the word about this little known disease and sharing his music, laughter and stories!     

Troy Allan


 So, instead of a house party, a group of people came together to throw a benefit in Troy’s honor that included trop  

Kathy Stickland and Shelly Speckman


rock artists from all over the country and even one from Cabo San Lucas!  It took many hours of work with many volunteers headed by Shelly Speckman and Kathy Strickland – event organizers extraordinaire!  

In addition to Troy performing, we were entertained by other trop rock artists:  Garry and Kerri, Jack Mosley, Tequila Tom, Tall Paul and Crawdaddy, E.C. Davis, Cindy Walsh, Tiki Thom and John FridayALL donated their time and talents to the benefit so be sure to visit their links and check them out – you won’t be sorry.    

There were about 40 baskets that were chinese raffled off with contents ranging from CD’s, to liquor, to t-shirts, gift certificates all donated for the cause from artists, parrothead clubs and local and not-so local businesses. There was a 50/50 raffle that raised over $500.00 and the winner, instead of keeping the 1/2 for herself, donated it back to Troy – how cool is that!   

The weather was hot but with the tropical breezes coming off Charlotte Harbour it wasn’t miserable – although my back is a bit tender!  Lashley Park in Punta Gorda was a beautiful setting for a wonderful afternoon! 

I was fortunate enough to be the winner of the auction held at the end of the night although I thought I might lose to some FABULOUS people from New Jersey :-).  This “trop rock starter” kit included a tricked out Tommy Bahama beach chair and umbrella, a pole caddy to attached to said umbrella, a stack of CD’s about 10 inches high, a couple of bottles of rum, enough coozies for everyone who attends my next party!, gift certificates to local restaurants, membership in the Margarita Mafia, 2 tickets to the 3rd Annual Spring Fling in New Jersey, t-shirts and other para-fan-alia from lots of artists and best yet – Troy performing for the welcome home party I’m having for my son on Saturday and the party being catered by Shelly Speckman and Danielle Torney.  

To Shelly and Kathy, to the artists who donated their time, to the volunteers who helped make the day a success and to all who attended and contributed – thank you for a GREAT day! 

Here’s and article written about the event in the Charlotte Sun this morning. 

Love and Peace, 


P.S.  If you are interested in hosting a house party for Troy, please be sure to visit his website for all the details and contact information!



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2 responses to “Fundraising for a great cause!

  1. Kathy

    Great blog. You should write for the paper. Thank you, and do not forget that you also won a house concert with John Friday and Tequila Tom!!

    • To be truthful Kathy – I was in such a fog during that whole bidding process I’m not sure what was what – although I know I talked to John about it. I’m still in shock! (but a good shock!)

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