Hurricane Season

As I spent time with my family over the holiday weekend, the topic of hurricane season came up and how “prepared” we are for it should, God forbid, another hurricane hit our area. The answers varied from those of us that were not here during the busy storm season of 2005 and those that were. We discussed where we would go should a storm pop up, if we’d stay in our own house and if so, what room we would stay in and we had a conversation about what is in our hurricane “ready kit.”

Having moved into my new house last December, a hurricane “ready kit” was not immediately on my to do list………..until now. Before my 12 year hiatus from Florida, I lived in Sarasota for 18 years without any major storm hitting the area. After hearing about and seeing the devastation first hand of the storms that hit this area in 2005, I will definitely be getting my kit ready!

NOAA has this disaster supply kit list on their website that I will be printing out and filling as soon as possible.

How about you? Were you here during the storms? Were you prepared? Are you new to the area? Share your stories by leaving a comment below.

Happy Tuesday everyone and the “unofficial” start of summer!

Reneé Marquiss
Xena Vallone Realty, Inc.

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